How am I billed?

You’ll be billed for the cost of the initial set during your consultation and first appointment. On the 1st of every month thereafter, we will bill the credit card placed on file for the term of your membership.

How am I billed?2018-10-23T20:13:02-04:00

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel for any reason at any time.  Note, however, that a fee of $200 will be charged in order to account for the steep discount given during the initial application and the loss of future business.

Can I cancel my membership?2018-10-23T20:11:45-04:00

What are the benefits to eyelash extension memberships?

First and foremost, money savings! First refill is an extended appointment, allowing for a stunning fill Lower initial investment Worry-free hassle and billing Free brow wax to all new members Exclusive access to DayDreams specials and discounts

What are the benefits to eyelash extension memberships?2018-10-23T20:10:09-04:00


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